12 février 2007

2 nouveaux blogs...

...celui de Charlotte et swiss legacy, en permanence dans la colonne des liens.

et 2 discussions à propos du graphisme:

Lionel Bovier, Cornel Windlin, Martin Heller et François Rappo à moitié en français, à moitié en anglais
et Lionel Bovier avec M/M Paris en français

05 février 2007

Dada Grotesk & Gravostyle Basic

Optimo announces two new typefaces for February 2007:

Dada Grotesk typeface by deValence and the Gravostyle Basic typeface designed by former //copy// (nowadays //Schönwehrs) member Niels Wehrspann. Gravostyle, formerly known Rubdown, was originally sold through //copy//letter shop. Anyway, these fonts are now available at optimo.ch

03 février 2007

S Type

Jan Sonntag, former graphic design student in the Netherlands, now living in France, received one of serveral prizes in 2003 Linotype Library's International Type Designers Contest with his font Hildegard. Meanwhile his studies, he founded a small foundry called S Fonts Type Foundry which now has a new shape. Nice fonts, also some for free!